Awesome Fan Art + Meet The Spy

If you search the web as much as I do (which is a lot) you find awesome things dotted around the web, as I was looking one day I stumbled across this. These are pretty amazing comics even though there not hand drawn and colourful, they are humorous and stand out and a couple are completely ridiculous. 

Now… Since the new sniper update page where the sniper had a mysterious spy behind him on random occasions (I’m talking about this). Well since then there has been lots of stOOpid attempts at trying to edit the latest spy update (see last post) to make it look like there is something else that randomly appears on that. Well this is my attempt at forging some kind of update sort of thing: click me. If you would like to see my other fantastic works of art visit

Annother MASSIVE point of interest is the LEAKED “meet the spy” video – watch it here. – When I say watch it I mean WATCH IT!


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